Friday, July 4, 2008

Famous persons from Kavali

  • Father of Andhra Sri. Potti Sriramulu from kavali(Juvvalapalem).
  • One of the most famous actors of yester years, Sri Nagabhushanam ('raktakanneeru' fame)Sri Rajanala are from this town.
  • K.M.K Naidu, good producer who made Duiet, Jaihind many other films from kavali.
  • S.V Krishna Reddy Teacher L.V Krishna Reddy from this town.
  • Heroine Mamatha who has acted in sunday,nagamanaidu from kavali.
  • Kavali is also home to Sri. Magunata Subbarami Reddy.

To find some more stars click on the following link (Famous persons from Kavali - 2) ...


Anil Gadamsetty said...

hey ... thanks for posting famous stars from great kavali town. BTW, I am also one of those anticipate to list from the kavali town.

madhavi said...

Thnks for posting this information.

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