Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cyclones that effect Kavali

Historical records of Severe Cyclones which formed in the Bay of Bengal and made landfall at the eastern coast of India i.e., Kavali during the period from 1970-1999..
  • November 15-17, 1976 Crossed South Andhra Pradesh coast between Nellore and kavali on 16th midnight,weakened thereafter it lay as a deep depression over South Andhra Pradesh coast and adjoin Ralalaseema on 17th morning. Maximum wind speed was estimated to be between 222-259 KM PH (120-140 kt) 30 People died and 10,000 houses damaged ,24 country boasts damaged total loss of property was estimated to be Rs. 3.9 cores. Kavali AND Kovur taluks of Nellore districts of A.P. were most affected by this cyclone.
  • October 27-November 1, 1977 Crossed South Andhra Pradesh coast near Kavali between Nellore and Ongole around noon of 31st . Weakened into a depression over the interior parts of Karnataka by morning of November 1 and emerged into the Arabian sea as a low..It caused huge damage to property and Telegraph posts over 80 km stretch from Kovur to Singaraykonda about 40 km on either side of the storm track stood slanting.
  • 01-09 Nov. 1989Crossed near Kavali (A.P.). 69 people died and 7100 cattle heads perished. Loss of property estimated to be Rs. 14 Corers.


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