Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Visvodaya Institutes

Visvodaya was founded in 1952 by celebrities like Justice P.V.Rajamannar Devi Prasad Roy Choudary, Dilip Kumar Roy, AMC.G.tampose, I.C.S(Retd) and a few others. Its Visitor is SR.Sankaram, I.A.S(Retd).
Visvodaya Manages several educational institutions like…
  • Dr. Laksmi Krishna Rao Visvodaya Boys High School (Dr.L.K.R.V.B.H.School),
  • Swami Seshachalam Shetty Visvodaya Girls High School (S.S.C.V.B.H.School)
  • Jawahar Bharati Junior College,
  • Jawahar Bharathi Degree College,
  • Centre for Post-Graduation Studies (S.V.U.P.G.Center)
  • Visvodaya Institute of Technology and Science (VITS), and
  • Visvodaya Engineering College (VEC)

The college is selected for COSIP, COHSIP and CPE by the UGC. It is accredited with 'A' Grade by the NAAC. The PBR VITS (Engineering College) was founded during the Golden Jubilee year of the Institution.

Visvodaya promotes cultural excellence. Doyens like Bhanumathi, Vempati, Ghantasala, Manggalampalli and S.P.Bhalasubramanyam were honoured by Visvodaya. The institution conferred Life - membership on celebrities such as Dr. Jakir Hussain, Koka Subbarao, Albert Franklin, Deshmukhs and a host of governors, ministers, Vice-Chancellors, social servants, writers, poets, savants and celebrities in Fine Arts.


Anonymous said...

hi,i want some inf regarding students who arecoming from gudur in eee final semester list out their contact number and names.

SUFIZ said...

A small mistake is visvodaya girls high school name is SWAMI SESHACHALAM SETTY VISVODAYA GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL (S.S.C. V.G.H.S.)..... thank you .... Imtiaz


sorry to say.. later years they changed the names.. but keep the original names VISWODAYA GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL AND VISWODAYA BOYS HIGH SCHOOL..

Suneel Gudipati said...

Thank you Sufiz and Aatma-Paramatma for giving information.

Siva Sankar Singh M said...

Suneel , great job dude.Try to Add some pics of Kavali, which gives good view.

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