Friday, January 15, 2010

Tribute to DR (Dodla Ramachandra Reddy) Sir

Architecture and founder of Visvodaya and Kavali Visvodaya Institutes Founder D.Ramachandra Reddy (1929-2010) died at Kavali on Friday (15th Jan, 2010), who is populary known as DR. 81 year old DR sir is one of the most importent person in Kavali. Sri D.R. has two dreams, The first dream is that Kavali should grow from a small panchayat lnto a Mega Corporation. The second and more important dream is Visvodaya. Now Visvodaya is one of the leading Educational center in nellre district. DR established Kavali College in 1951 in Kavali later it changed as Jawahar Bharati College. Jawahar Bharati is considered a premier institute and draws students from many places in Nellore & Prakasam district. An young graduate Dr D.Ramachandra Reddy established this college, with a view to impart education to the poor and needed people of Kavali.
The Visvodaya Institutes:
  • Dr. Laksmi Krishna Rao Visvodaya Boys High School (Dr.L.K.R.V.B.H.School),
  • Swami Seshachalam Shetty Visvodaya Girls High School (S.S.C.V.B.H.School)
  • Jawahar Bharati Junior College,
  • Jawahar Bharathi Degree College,
  • Centre for Post-Graduation Studies (S.V.U.P.G.Center)
  • Visvodaya Institute of Technology and Science (VITS), and
  • Visvodaya Engineering College (VEC)

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Ramana said...

One of the greatest sons of modern day Kavali.

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