Monday, March 1, 2010

Food and eating

  • First of all, Kavali is very famous for "Bonda", people in the town will prefer to have Bonda as breakfast with onion chutney.
  • Venka Reddy Biryani Centre, Main Road,Kavali.
  • Tulasi Hot Foods, Trunk road.
  • BPS Ice cream shop, Opp Post Office.
  • Singh Sweet stall, Opp Railway road.
  • Namaskar Hotel, near Ongole Bus stand.
  • Ramakrishna Hotel, Main Road.
  • Manasa Theatre Canteen, Cinema Hall Road. You will get Quality Tea and snacks like Hot Bonda,Vada,Special Samosa etc.
  • Kwality Sweets, Opp Head Post Office. A place where we find delicious Sweets.
  • Pendem Cool drink shop
  • B.P.S Cool drinks
  • Suganda soda it is special here--available in all shops.

1 comment:

SPS 2007 said...

Malaikaja sweet from Singh sweet stall, that i always brought whenever i visit kavali.

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