Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cyclonic storm Laila effect

The Andhra Pradesh coast especially Kavali may escape severe battering by cyclonic storm Laila that is showing signs of weakening before hitting the seashore. However, heavy rains with gales, which killed 10 people, brought normal life to a halt in the coastal region.

Weather officials forecast that the cyclonic storm may not cause severe damage when it crosses the coast between Kavali and Kakinada, close to Machilipatnam in south coastal Andhra Pradesh by Thursday afternoon.

The cyclonic storm lay centred at about 120 km northeast of Nellore, 100 km southeast of Ongole and 120 km south of Machilipatnam. It is likely to move in a northwesterly to northerly direction and cross Andhra Pradesh coast between Kavali and Kakinada.

The strong gales uprooted trees bringing transport services to a halt in several parts of Nellore, Praksam, Guntur and Krishna districts. Hundreds of villages remained under darkness as the gales with a speed of 65-70 kmph disrupted electricity supply system. Mango, banana and other horticulture crops over thousands of acres in the coastal districts were damaged.

Some of the Cyclonic strom photos ...

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